Mobile health

BIMA Health Services

BIMA health services give customers access to medical consultations over the phone

Customers can purchase memberships in pre-paid blocks, in 3, 6 or 12 month packages. Members and their extended families are then eligible for an unlimited number of phone consultations with a qualified doctor.

Mobile Health Service desktop

In emerging markets, it is common to travel considerable distances or sacrifice hours waiting in a clinic before seeing a doctor. This, and the cost of consultations, often prevents people from seeking medical help.

BIMA’s mobile health services make it easy, quick and affordable to access medical advice from a qualified doctor before their condition worsens. A great example of our tele-doctor services is the Milvik Health Service in Bangladesh. 

Milvik health service Bangladesh

UNLIMITED doctor consultations via phone, for the entire family


Free accident insurance worth


for 12 months cover


Access to a medical directory listing local hospitals, clinics and pharmacies