Our people are fundamental to the work we do. Regardless of our location and our roles, we all contribute to BIMA’s success by working together, respecting each other and learning from the things that make us different.

We may have different languages, cultures, and skin colours, but we are all united in our mission of protecting the future of every family and we take great pride in our work. Our differences are our strength and it is this diversity that gives BIMA its unique character and distinct culture.

From October to December 2017, we held the first inaugural edition of BIMA’s Got Talent. We believe that by sharing our interests and talents, we can discover more about each other, strengthen the understanding between us and work more closely as one global team.  

Our people are not only talented individuals who are great at what they do. Outside of work, they boast astounding talents across a wide spectrum of interests. Watch our finalists of BIMA’s Got Talent to experience our diversity and the versatile culture that makes us who we are!   

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