Are you bima?

BIMA culture

BIMA is made up of talented, intelligent, adventurous individuals who thrive in fast-pace environments

The ideal BIMA team member is someone who enjoys creative problem solving and thinking big. But they must also have the drive and commitment needed to turn ideas into successes.

Our country manager roles are very hands on.  We need people with operational know-how, who aren’t afraid to get stuck in with the day-to-day running of a business. The markets that we work in can be challenging so confidence, critical thinking, shrewd problem solving and resilience is essential. 

"BIMA feels more like a club of entrepreneurs than like a normal company"
~ Papua New Guinea Country Manager

Everyone in the BIMA team shares a passion for adventure. We look for bold people who love to travel, experience different cultures and try new things. 

BIMA has a very distinct culture. We like people who are smart and independent, but we don’t like ego. We share our ideas as readily as we do our opinions, and are respectful when doing so. We are driven and ambitious, but we aren’t ruthless. Most importantly we never lose our sense of humour. 

Our recruitment process is rigorous, but it has helped us build an impressive, dynamic team that shares a strong bond. If you match the profile described above we want to hear from you!