As well as knowing what threatens a healthy workplace, it is important that you know your legal rights and your responsibilities. Here, we promise to defend your rights.


Amongst your rights are safety, fair pay and freedom of association.

BIMA will take reasonable precautions to ensure that you are safe, our offices will meet health & safety requirements, we will assess the risk of any field sale location and we won’t allow drunk or intoxicated people to work. We will pay you in line with national standards for similar jobs and you are free to join unions or other worker groups to campaign for changes in the workplace. If you feel that BIMA is abusing your legal rights you should raise it with your local HR officer or BIMA Global through the whistleblowing channels. You can also file a complaint with a local labour office or legal authorities. 




Keeping BIMA’s information confidential.

As a member of the BIMA family you will be trusted with information that shouldn’t be shared outside of the company. This includes personal details about our customers or partners, as well as private information about the business, our products and our technology. To be safe, you should only talk about information that has been shared publicly such as in a brochure or on a website.

To ensure data protection you must use passwords for online documents and store hard copies in locked filing cabinets. If you accidentally share something you shouldn’t you must declare it to your manager immediately. You must never misuse confidential information, for example using a customer’s phone number to contact them about anything other than work like asking them on a date, as you are breaking the rule of confidentiality. It could also be considered harassment.

If you witness any practices that fail to protect confidential information follow the whistleblowing procedure by reporting it to your local HR officer, emailing ethics@milvik.se or sending a message to the Secure Ethics WhatsApp account +447460757164.