At BIMA, we are committed to creating a work environment where everyone feels safe, happy and respected. Behaviours such as discrimination and harassment threaten this positive culture and are unacceptable.


Discriminating against someone means treating someone badly because of who they are or what they believe, like refusing to hire, promote or work with someone who is different to you. These differences may concern age, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, physical ability, social status or political affiliations. Embracing diversity contributes to BIMA’s positive culture by making teams more effective, creative and productive. At BIMA, everyone is given the same career opportunities and are only judged on the quality of their work.





Harassment is an aggressive and intimidating behaviour, which can make someone feel embarrassed, frightened or unsafe. Harassment of a social, physical, financial or sexual nature is considered unacceptable as well and can even be a criminal offence.

01. Social harassment consists of any unwelcome remarks or jokes made about a person or their beliefs that isolate them from the rest of the team;
02. Financial harassment happens when a person is made to fear losing their job, their commission or is forced to hand over their money.
03. Punishing, grabbing, pushing or making any unwelcome or violent contact describes physical harassment
04. Sexual harassment happens when someone says inappropriate things about someone’s body, makes unwelcome sexual advances or contact. This includes unwelcome sending or requesting rude photographs: kissing, patting, groping or displaying material featuring sexualised images.

It is okay to have a consensual relationship with a teammate, however; you must report it to HR and treat them as you would any other member of the team. If you experience or witness either harassment or discrimination you should report it immediately.