Zero tolerance against Corrupt Behaviour

We are committed to running a clean and ethical business that is entirely free from corruption and fraud. We operate a zero-tolerance policy in regard to corrupt behaviour.


Misselling describes an instance where someone lies or fails to share important information with the customer just to make a sale and it’s not justified under any circumstance. When selling you must not only give honest and full information but also ensure that customers meet the sign-up criteria. To knowingly lie or mislead a customer or partner can be considered fraud. If you are struggling to meet your targets ask your team leader or sales manager who will give you extra coaching and support.




No member of the team is allowed to make or take a bribe regardless of the size of the payment. This rule also covers: 

1) Facilitation Payments: small amounts paid to public officials to speed up a process such as securing a work permit and

2) Kickbacks: receiving payment from a supplier in return for giving them business and vice-versa.

We believe that maintaining our integrity is more important than any commercial consequences. It is your responsibility to inform partners, suppliers and middlemen about BIMA’s zero tolerance policy. If you are faced with a bribery problem you should report it to your manager who will work with group legal to find an ethical solution.


Exchanging gifts is often a part of local culture and can help build business relationships but it can easily become an act of corruption, so you must report any gift that you receive that is worth 15 US dollars or more. Likewise, if you want to give a gift you must get written permission  from the country manager before you buy it. You should ensure that partners and buyers understand our position on gifts.




As a member of the team you should act truthfully and honestly when you are trusted with handling cash or managing money that belongs to the business. For instance, it is completely unacceptable if you delay registration of a customer so that you can hold on to their cash for a little while. This could force BIMA to close the business as it represents an abuse of the customer’s trust and it is illegal. Management and administrative teams must also maintain our financial integrity, reporting must be transparent, truthful and compliant with BIMA’s accounting policies. If you ever make an honest mistake when handling cash you should tell your manager.


A clean business is free from conflicts of interest. These are situations in which your professional duties interact with your personal interests creating a pressure for you to put personal game ahead what is best for BIMA. Potential conflicts include: hiring, promoting or directly supervising a family member or close friend; accepting a role with an outside business or not for profit organisations; running for political office or campaigning on company property; investing money in a company that BIMA works with. Your HR manager will always be available to help you navigate any difficult decisions, therefore report to him or her. To use BIMA’s equipment and resources responsibly means you can use them for work purposes only. You cannot use them to run a business from home, for instance, and you must return all property, including your uniform, if you leave the company.


We are all responsible for stamping out corruption in order to protect our teammates and build a business we can all be proud of, hence if you discover someone is committing bribery, fraud or another unethical business practice you must report it. Follow the whistleblowing procedure by contacting your HR manager, email, or sending a message to the Secure Ethics WhatsApp account +447460757164.